5 FASHION TRICKS FOR FLAWLESS BUSINESS OUTFIT: Here's how to be the best dressed person in the office!

Modern clothing combinations should not only be reserved for non-working weekends, but also for business occasions.

Nov 9, 2021 - 15:18
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5 FASHION TRICKS FOR FLAWLESS BUSINESS OUTFIT: Here's how to be the best dressed person in the office!

The only way to get ready for work without being stressed out is if you have at least a basic idea of ​​what you could wear tomorrow.

It’s just as inconvenient to have enough ideas for an office outfit as it is to adhere to a dress code. How smart is too smart? How casual is too casual? Are jeans suitable for everyone or should you take a break from them? So many questions, and so little time (especially the morning before work).

When you do not have a clearly defined uniform for work, but you have complete freedom of choice within the code, we know how difficult it is to look fashion-approved on a daily basis.

Especially when you overslept the alarm and your wardrobe was skillfully scattered on the floor. Our six ideas for office clothes (and accompanying practical tips) should do the trick.

Timeless pieces

It is very important that you fill your shopping list with more timeless pieces that will not go completely out of fashion next season. It is very important to break away from current trends when it comes to larger clothing items.

"I'm not rich enough to buy cheap clothes" is a mantra you should follow. Investing in more expensive pieces will make you look fashionable for years and keep their quality.

Suggestion: tweed pieces, black pants, and white shirts.

The perfect cut for you

One of the most important things for a good look is to choose a cut that fits you perfectly. In addition, it is important how you feel in it. A wardrobe that is too narrow or makes us worry too much about whether something will make us look bad is not suitable for work.

Choose the cuts in which you feel powerful and energetic to do all your business tasks that day!

Suggestion: comfortable, wide-cut jeans

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Pants are your best friend

Always choose more neutral shades that you can easily combine with other designs, shirts, sweaters, or effective blazers.
In your wardrobe, we suggest black, beige, brown, or combinations of these colors.

Suggestion: leather pants with an oversized sweater with an attractive design

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Basic combinations

Calmer colors, however, are a "safe haven" for any business look. Prints are allowed, but only if they are not too intrusive. You know that there are almost never mistakes with the classics, and they always leave a pleasant impression on the coworkers.

Suggestion: good shorts, knee-high boots, and a long coat

Trouser Suit

While a black custom suit is certainly appropriate for the office, it can sometimes seem a bit uninspiring. To avoid this, try choosing a suit in a bright color or with a print instead.

Suggestion: an oversize suit in one color paired with details in another

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By: Sarah R.