"Griselda" tells the story of an oppressed woman?

Apart from Sofia Vergara, the famous Colombian performer and singer Karol G also stars in "Griselda".

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"Griselda" tells the story of an oppressed woman?

The miniseries follows Griselda who, after killing her husband who asked her to sleep with his brother in order to pay off debts related to drug trafficking, flees from Medellín, where she grew up, to Miami, where she gradually manages to establish herself as the queen of cocaine.
In addition to Vergara, "Griselda" also stars the famous Colombian performer Karol G and the Cuban actor Alberto Guerra, who also starred in the series "El Señor de los Cielos" and "Narcos: Mexico", which deal with similar themes.

" "Griselda" is the story of an oppressed woman who is underestimated by the men around her, but who, despite all expectations, rises to regain what she considers her own and at the same time elevates other outsiders. The unconvincing cover of feminism barely manages to hide the sensationalism in the very essence of the series that exploits the idea of ​​an exotic Colombian woman to create the plot. The series builds the narrative of an ambitious and successful woman to protect the protagonist from responsibility - and to ingratiate herself with the audience," stated Time magazine.

Vergara asserted that Griselda is not a heroine, that she should not be idealized, and that the series was careful not to glorify her, but she also said that "beyond all expectations, she is a poor, uneducated woman from Colombia in a predominantly male industry, in a foreign country. But she managed to create a huge empire worth several billion dollars".Although inspired by the life of a real person, "Griselda" allows creative freedom and does not hesitate to deviate from the facts. 
"The series is a real pleasure, has a good rhythm, and is wonderful to watch. There is no bad interpretation in the series, and it also serves as a well-deserved indicator of everything Vergara can do," writes The Guardian, who characterized the series as "too much fun, given the real suffering that Griselda caused".

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