It is finally revealed what the third season of the series "Reacher" brings us!

The second season of the popular Prime Video series recently ended its run!

Jan 27, 2024 - 08:59
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It is finally revealed what the third season of the series "Reacher" brings us!

Prime Video recently announced that the upcoming third season of their highly successful series "Reacher" will be based on the novel "Persuader" by Lee Child. Alan Ritchson has already confirmed that he is returning to the title role as Jack Reacher, and as before, he will be joined in a guest role by Maria Sten in the role of Frances Neagley.
The first season was based on the first novel about Reacher called "Killing Floor", while the second was an adaptation of the novel "Bad Luck and "Trouble" and dealt with Reacher and his "family" from unit 110, who become targets of an unknown assailant.

The third season will be based on the novel "Persuader", which begins with Reacher witnessing an attempted kidnapping and instinctively intervening to save the victim. His heroic act gets him into a complex situation involving an undercover DEA operation. Reacher agrees to help the DEA out of self-interest because one of the suspects is a man named Quinn, whom Reacher thought he had killed ten years earlier. Quinn is associated with a criminal known as Beck, who deals in smuggling.
The plot takes us deep into Reacher's past, especially when he was in the army, and reveals the deeper motives behind his involvement in the case. Reacher infiltrates Beck's circle as an associate of a known criminal. As he gets deeper into the operation, Reacher discovers an even bigger conspiracy involving the sale and smuggling of weapons and drugs.
The second season of the "Reacher" series has only recently ended, and the third has just started production, so it is not yet known when it should see the light of day. But we will write about everything we find out until that day. 

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