Jenna Ortega gave up the new "Scream" for the second season of "Wednesday"!

The actress is also finishing filming "Bubimir 2" by Tim Burton.

Nov 24, 2023 - 03:43
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Jenna Ortega gave up the new "Scream" for the second season of "Wednesday"!

Jenna Ortega gave up her role in the new "Scream" because it overlapped with the filming of the second season of the hit series "Wednesday", foreign media confirmed.

The news of Ortega's departure from "Scream 7" came just a day after her co-star Melissa Barrera was fired from the same film due to her social media posts about Israel and Palestine. So we can conclude that this is quite a loss for the crew working on the new film. It is important to emphasize that Ortega's withdrawal from "Scream 7" has nothing to do with Barrera's dismissal, even though the film stars sisters, but her role as Tara Carpenter, who she played in "Scream 5" and "Scream 6", was questionable a few months ago due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. Production dates for the second season of "Wednesday" are not known, but Ortega still has Tim Burton's "Bubimir 2" to complete. That would take a few more days but it was also interrupted by the SAG-AFTRA strike. But now, when everything ends they will finish it quickly.

"Scream 5" or "Scream" from 2022 brought us the return of the original stars Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette.  However, Campbell recently stated that she is not sure she will star in "Scream 7" due to major disputes over fees. Directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet only stated that they hope to return to the series, at least in the future. "Scream 7" is planned for next year, but we don't know the premiere date.

The first season of the "Wednesday" series quickly won over viewers and became one of Netflix's most popular English-language series. The second season got the official green light at the beginning of this year, but it is not yet known when we can expect it on streaming. But one is sure, we can't wait!


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