"NCIS" says goodbye to Ducky in the new season!

The short teaser trailer for the 21st season of the popular crime series predicts an emotional season.

Jan 31, 2024 - 13:22
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"NCIS" says goodbye to Ducky in the new season!

Sean Murray, who we know as NCIS Senior Special Agent Timothy McGee, in a new trailer for the upcoming 21st season of everyone's favorite procedural series "NCIS", reveals what awaits us in the new season. The series' official Instagram profile posted a teaser with the comment: "In a world of uncertainty, one thing remains the same - Season 21 of #NCIS will be electrifying."

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We hear Alden Parker's ( Gary Cole ) voice saying "This job isn't for everyone" as the announcement starts with the crew, including Nick Torres ( Wilmer Valderrama ) and Jessica Knight ( Katrina Law ) banging on the door with guns in hand.

Parker continues his monologue with a message of trust that should be given to co-workers who support each other in these rough and dangerous ambitions as the teaser cuts to scenes of forensics expert Kasia Hines( Dione Reasonover ) and director Leon Vance ( Rocky Carroll ) selflessly throwing themselves into their tasks. Meanwhile, Dr. Jimmy Palmer ( Brian Dietzen ) uses his investigative skills to examine the latest victim brought into his operating room. At the same time, Nick Torres finds himself in a complicated situation when he is accused of murder.

This season will be especially difficult for "NCIS" fans as they bid an untimely farewell to the late David McCallum, who played the beloved Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard. This season will honor the memory of McCallum, who passed away last September.
The network is also preparing to launch the new shows “Tracker” starring Justin Hartley and ”Elsbeth" starring Carrie Preston in February. There is also CBS’ upcoming update of “Matlock” starring Kathy Bates and the multi-cam comedy “Poppa’s House.” The latter two shows are slated to air during the 2024-2025 season as well.

The new season of the long-running crime series will arrive on the small screen on February 12.

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