6 trends that will mark 2022!

Trends that may not be everyone's "cup of tea" are coming to the big door, but they are already seen on leading influencers.

May 15, 2022 - 08:35
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6 trends that will mark 2022!

Trends for the summer of 2022 bring some unexpected pieces...

Definitely expect the unexpected this summer. Trends that may not be everyone's "cup of tea" are coming to the big door, but they are already seen on leading influencers.

So, for example, sports glasses last year just hinted at their big come-back, and this season will be a must-have! See below which 6 trends will be current this summer, and without which you will not be able to imagine trendy outfits.

1. Undershirts with logos

Thanks to Prada, white undershirts with logos will be a must-have item in your wardrobe this summer. Leading trendsetters have already brought this type of T-shirt and they fit them perfectly into their outfits.

2. Sports glasses

Designers have returned sports models of glasses to the big door. And this is something that has already been embraced by leading influencers, but also world stars, and one thing is for sure - we will see more and more of them as we approach the summer season.

3. Swimsuits inspired by the ‘90s

Chanel is the "culprit" for bringing back models inspired by the nineties, and classic models will be something you will often be able to see on the beaches - without too much lineup, with a strong stitch and simple design.

4. Shopper Bags

Big bags are back in fashion every season, although only the design is changing. The situation is the same this summer, but with a small change. The larger so-called shopper bag model got a nicer silhouette, which makes it ideal for combining. So this trend has already been embraced by Zoe Kravitz who brought the irresistible Icare Maxi Shopper Bag model signed by Saint Laurent.

5. Knee-high boots

Your boots may not be associated with the summer, but be prepared to see them everywhere! Thus, for example, Balenciaga's Cagole boots are already one of the most sought after. And if you are wondering how to wear them this summer - on bare feet and with micro cloths.

6. "Naked" fashion

Fashion pieces with necklines, soft, transparent fabrics, and finished straps together make something that leading trendsetters have been fighting for currently. The so-called "naked" dresses have already been worn by many celebrities, and thanks to the Nensi Dojaka brand, this cut-out trend will especially come to life this summer.