7 great hairstyles for long hair

If you have long hair, we believe that in the previous period it was not easy for you. You might find yourself neglected due to popularity of short hair.

May 14, 2022 - 17:13
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7 great hairstyles for long hair

If you are always tired of the same hairstyle, look at 7 ways to refresh and modernize the look of long hair.

If you have long hair, we believe that in the previous period it was not easy for you. You might find yourself neglected due to the strong wave of popularity of short hair. Long hair in itself requires more dedicated maintenance and treatment, which can be tiring, especially when you run out of inspiration for styling it. Admittedly, the fashion media has contributed to that, and now we are here to redeem ourselves!

Long hair has returned to the catwalks as a trend, but its appearance is no longer predictable or monotonous - it is shaped in the most unusual and creative ways.  It's not just curls and straight hair, prepare your hairspray, hairpins, and rubber bands, but also deft fingers. Consult with hairdressers what style best suits your face shape - whether hair that opens or closes the face, whether hair with volume or without, with bangs or without them ... And then forget about the reflection seen so many times in the mirror and design a new one.

Here are 7 ways to freshen up long hair with a different hairstyle - and there is no longer a dilemma "what to do with your hair" in the morning before going to work or in the evening before going out!

1. Low ponytail with accessories

A low ponytail that is additionally decorated with shiny rubber bands is always a chic choice. Choose a section in the middle or on the side, and do not neglect the accessories on the ears or neck for full effect.

2. High ponytail with strands

The long ponytail is one of the most sought-after looks for special occasions, but you can also make it for daytime occasions. In that case, don't strive for perfection.

3. Elegant bun

Make a parting in the middle, and then gather the hair in a bun somewhere in the middle of the head - neither too low nor too high. A sophisticated look is guaranteed.

4. Unusual accessory

Big rubber bands, bows, or ribbons are in! Gather your hair, and over the classic rubber band, put an accessory that all eyes will be on!

5. Mild waves and hairpins

Waves may be expected, but effective gold clips will decorate your hair and make you look significantly more glamorous.

6. Braid ponytail

Of course, no one wants you to look like Heidi, you should be careful with braids. Our recommendation is a medium tail with a large braid - with nude makeup and a jacket for work. Let everything be reduced, without exaggeration.

7. Half-up hairstyle

You may have practiced tying the top of your hair in a high ponytail so far, but it is much more stylish to tie it in a bow or other shape. For an even softer look, twist the strands.