7 things you should never say to anyone!

Since ancient times, there is a golden rule of silence, i.e. advice that some things should definitely not be told to others.

Mar 16, 2022 - 13:56
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7 things you should never say to anyone!

7 things to keep secret - here's what you shouldn't tell others!

There are people you trust, friends you openly talk about the deepest secrets, people you know will lock up your confession and keep it secret forever. However, since ancient times, there is a golden rule of silence, i.e. advice that some things should not be told to others.

Find out which 7 things are better kept secret - just for yourself:

1. Far and big plans - We are used to sharing plans for life and we are filled with happiness when we tell others what a sweet future lies ahead. However, practice shows that your distant and extremely important plans and dreams should not be shared with anyone. In this way, you will prevent envy, negative emotions, disappointment if the plan does not come true. Talk about plans, but only when you start your first steps towards realization.

2. Quarrels and conflicts - If you quarrel with someone, be it a friend, family, partner, do not tell anyone the conflict in detail. This way you can only deepen the conflict and make the negative emotions flare up even more. Instead, wait for time to do its thing, and then move on to forgiveness and reconciliation, if it's worth it.

3. I do good deeds - Do good deeds secretly and they will return to you in public. If you do good deeds, do it in secret, do not tell other people how much you have done to someone. When you help someone, do it from the heart, then good deeds will have real value.


4. Success - It's great to be proud of yourself, but if you constantly talk about your success, you can create the impression of an egocentric and somewhat narcissistic person. You can also provoke negative emotions and energy in others, which can have a bad effect on you. Talk about your achievements, but with a dose of moderation and without boasting.

5. Gossip - This toxic habit "pollutes" your inner world, threatens energy, and destroys happiness. Instead of gossip, rumors, and toxic words, be prepared to be honest with everyone.

6. Money - Talking about money can be awkward for many people, especially if you're talking about someone else's income. It is considered rude to brag about the amount of money or constantly whine about the lack, and especially to ask another person how much he earns.

7. Negative about your children - If you constantly criticize your kid in the presence of someone and talk about them negatively, this can hurt the child's feelings, jeopardize self-confidence and cause consequences for the emotional state. Criticize the child in private with an explanation. When you constantly complain about your child to others, he may perceive it as a lack of love.