A story about kindness, courage and friendship: " White Bird: A Wonder Story"

This is a story about bravery and heroism.

Dec 22, 2023 - 14:05
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A story about kindness, courage and friendship: " White Bird: A Wonder Story"

In the film "White Bird: A Wonder Story"  directed by Julia Roberts, we follow the story of Julian, a boy who was expelled from school for bullying August Pullman, a boy with Treacher Collins syndrome. To help her grandson, Julian's grandmother (Helen Mirren) tells him her story of courage and friendship from World War II.

What can we expect?

The film opens with Julian (Bryce Gheisar) struggling to find his place at a new school. He is still angry with August (August Pullman) and everyone who supports him. Julian's grandmother (Helen Mirren) tries to help him, but he rejects her. One day, Julian's grandmother tells him a story about her youth in Nazi-occupied France. She was a young girl who lived in a small village. One day, German soldiers came to the village and started robbing and killing people. Julian's grandmother was terrified, but then she met a boy named Max (Orlando Schwerdt). Max was the son of a Jewish family who hid their religion from the Nazis. He and Julian's grandmother became friends. They created a magical world where they could escape the war.

One night, German soldiers came to the village looking for Max. Julian's grandmother hid Max in the basement. She risked everything to protect him. Max and Julian's grandmother eventually broke up, but their friendship stayed with them forever. Julian's grandmother realized that Max had learned to be brave and kind.

"White Bird: A Wonder Story" is a touching story about kindness, courage, and friendship. The film is well-made and has a great cast. Helen Mirren is excellent as Julian's grandmother. She brings depth and emotion to the character. Bryce Gheisar is also good as Julian. He is convincing and likable. The film has a strong message about the importance of being kind to others, even if they are different from us. The film also shows that courage is often necessary when you fight for what is right.

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