Apple offers free repair of Apple Watch 

Apr 26, 2022 - 20:41
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Apple offers free repair of Apple Watch 

Apple has quietly launched a service program whereby Apple Watch Series 6 users can get a free repair if their watch is hit by a 'blank screen' problem.

Some Apple Watch Series 6 users report that their watch screen has "whitened" or become permanently "blank"Aware of this problem, Apple has announced a new service program, according to which affected users will be able to request a free repair of their Apple Watch.

According to 9to5Mac, the company quietly launched this service program late last week. According to Apple, this problem occurs on the Apple Watch Series 6 models of 40 mm, which were produced between April and September 2021.

Users can check if they qualify for a free repair by entering the serial number of the watch on Apple's official website.

Namely, if they meet all the requirements for free repair, users should take their Apple Watch directly to the Apple Store or to an authorized service center. There is, however, an option to contact the official service support of the company and send them the device by mail, which still requires a few more steps.

However, it should be noted that this repair will not extend the standard warranty of the device, and if it turns out that the Apple Watch has some other damage that affects the repair, users could pay a fee to repair it. Also, this offer is valid only two years after the first purchase of the Apple Watch Series 6 model, so this should be kept in mind, writes The Verge. 

Apple is already working on the M3 iMAC for 2023

Apple continues to be the focus of interest in the global technology scene, both in the world of mobile phones and in the world of laptops. And the most interesting of all is the testimony of how fast this world of new technologies is actually developing.

So, at a time when the Apple M2 series of processors for laptops and desktops has not yet been officially introduced, Apple is already working hard on Apple M3 processor solutions that should appear for the first time in the new iMac that would appear before the public during the second half of 2023.

On June 6, we are expecting a new official event from Apple called WWDC, i.e. Worldwide Developer Conference. On that occasion, we will most likely see the new Apple Mac Pro, the most powerful desktop computer of this company, which will show a new mobile chipset, as well as the MacBook Air, which will most likely have a new M2 chipset. But why stop there and not work on M3 processors?

At this point, Apple has finished presenting products based on the M1 chipset, so the M2 will be a new solution to be used in the production of Mac and iPad devices. At the moment, the M1 Ultra, a combination of two M1 Mac chips, is the fastest the company has produced, and expectations of the M2 series are high.

In this regard, it is interesting to guess and think about what the M3 platform will bring next, which will most likely appear on iMacs next year.