Are Zendaya and Tom Holland expecting a baby?

Thousands of fans have managed to stumble upon online rumors that Zendaya and Tom Holland are expecting a new addition. Is it true?

Jun 16, 2022 - 09:02
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Are Zendaya and Tom Holland expecting a baby?

A viral trend that has been cheating people on TikTok for some time has now officially crossed social media platforms. The latest victims are numerous Zendaya fans who have stumbled upon a rumor that Zendaya is pregnant with Tom Holland.

More and more people are writing #Krissed and sharing the story of how Zendaya and Tom Holland are expecting a new addition, all thanks to the video in which at the end Kris Jenner appears trolling the viewer and confirming that the whole story is a mere fabrication. Yet the confirmation that it was just a joke did not stop new Twitter victims from believing this fabrication.

From open tweets like 'Wait, Zendaya is pregnant?' , to those who comment ‘I need to know who your sources are and why everyone on the feed is talking about this ',. The situation is really unpredictable and the number of comments is literally growing every second.

'Someone screamed' Zendaya is pregnant 'at Walmart and twenty people fell to their knees,' wrote @ZERONlUM on Twitter, earning more than 60,000 likes, thousands of comments and retweets. Continuing the joke, @ihyjuju tweeted: 'Zendaya is PREGNANT ?? I just fell to my knees in Walmart! '

TikTok is full of users who create videos using the #Krissed meme. Rumors about Zendaya and Tom Holland expecting a baby, rumors that Tom proposed to Zendaya in combination with Kardashian's mother who eventually appears on the screen, spread like wildfire. 

What most videos have in common is that they start convincingly enough, with headlines and thumbnails before switching to Instagram evidence supporting the story. Eventually, Kris appears to confirm that the viewer was just #Krissed. Somewhere between the posts on TikTok and the sharing on Twitter, the joke became a rumor that many accepted as a fact. We are expecting Zendaya's reaction.

At the end of the story, one thing is for sure - if Zendaya and Tom Holland really got engaged and/or pregnancy really happens, who will believe it after all?