As a child, Hugh Jackman dreamed of doing an unusual job

The 52-year-old actor has recalled the impact his first flight had on him - he wanted to become a 'chef on a plane' until he learned the sad truth.

Aug 26, 2021 - 13:56
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As a child, Hugh Jackman dreamed of doing an unusual job

For Hugh Jackman, things could have been quite different had he followed a childhood dream. The actor was "nine or ten" years old when he first got on the plane. It was a flight from his native Australia to New Zealand, and he still remembers it today as if it were yesterday.

"We were sitting in the back (of the plane) and, of course, I was in the aisle because my brother said, "I'll open the window!" The flight lasted three or four hours and suddenly I see this trolley coming in and I smelled food I thought, “Food? It smells good, what is it? “I asked, ‘Well we're getting lunch, ’they said  'They serve you lunch! ’So I said,‘ On the plane ?! Do they serve us lunch? ’ they came in with food and I said, ‘The chef has to cook food here,’ ” the Jackman recalled in a video posted on his social media.

Suddenly, Hugh Jackman was convinced that he could become a "cook in airplanes", without even for a moment doubting that the food served on the plain was cooked on the ground. Sad truth.

"I really thought there was a chef on the plane. It never occurred to me that everything was cooked in the microwave! "Hugh Jackman continued.

Despite this childhood disappointment, Hugh Jackman found his way. But before he went to film studies and sharpened Wolverine's claws, he was a sports teacher for a few years.

By: Sarah R.