Beautiful Astypalaia, the World's first smoke-free island

If you want to bypass the famous Greek resorts, Astypalaia may be the right choice for you.

Jun 27, 2022 - 13:16
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Beautiful Astypalaia, the World's first smoke-free island

Astypalaia is a picturesque Greek island in the shape of a butterfly, which lies right where a group of Dodecanese islands meets the Cyclades, in the southeastern Aegean Sea, and which is ideal for anyone who wants to deviate from the beaten paths and well-known places in Greece.

Haven't planned your vacation yet? Are you still choosing a destination where you will spend your vacation? If you want to bypass the famous Greek resorts, Astypalaia may be the right choice for you.

Those who visited it say that Astypalaia is an island that will steal your heart. Rich soil, full of emotions, rich tastes served with love, and far from mass tourism. Once you visit it you will always want to come back. Below we present some interesting facts about this island, what it is famous for, and what to visit:


1. Astypalaia has one of the most impressive cities on the Greek islands. Chora, the capital, resembles Cycladic cities and is located on top of a steep hill. Get lost in the colorful alleys, with white houses and picturesque bougainvillea.

2. Explore the Venetian castle on the island, which is located at the top of the island. It is truly imposing and contains two beautiful churches, Evangelistria and Agios Georgios.

3. Did you know that Astypalaia has the only existing children's cemetery in the world? It was discovered in 1995 and you will find it in Kylindra, the lower zone of Chora. There are many theories about the creation of this place and almost 3,000 buried babies.

4. Visit the windmills, a characteristic gathering place on the island. There used to be 12 of them, and now 8 have been preserved. Various cultural events are held in the area around several of them, while one functions as a lending library.

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5. Don't miss the opportunity to visit Maltezana (or Analipsi). It is one of the coastal villages on the island and the second largest on this island.

6. Vathi is the smallest and most remote village, which consists of Eko Vathi and Mesa Vathi. Here you can enjoy the ultimate serenity and gourmet delights.

7. From Castellano, an old Italian base, you will enjoy a magnificent view of the endless blue.

8. To swim on the small and quiet beach, visit Agrilidi. A little piece of paradise.

9. Livadia is the most fertile village on the island, this part of Astypalaia is rich in flowers and vineyards.

10. Beaches that you should visit when you are already on this island are Kaminakia, Vatses, and Agios Ioannis.

11. Right here, in the heart of the Aegean Sea, are the first "smoke-free" beaches in the world. The inhabitants of the island want to offer visitors a new definition of quality, ecotourism.

Post by: Rinna James