Brigitte Macron all in white!

Brigitte Macron at her husband's inauguration was all in white, and attention was again stolen by her ingenious shoes.

May 7, 2022 - 19:13
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Brigitte Macron all in white!

The inauguration ceremony was held at the Elysee Palace in front of about 500 guests, including two former presidents, Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy, with whom Brigitte Macron cordially greeted. Members of their families did not miss the ceremony either. Emmanuel Macron has no children, but his wife from her first marriage has two sons and a daughter, and just as Brigitte accompanied him on important pre-election walk, they arrived with their families at the Elysee Palace for the inauguration.

Upon entering the hall, Macron winked sympathetically at his wife, and the French first lady, as usual, attracted attention with her carefully chosen styling. And this time she was faithful to her elegant, minimalist style, which she sometimes breaks down with some slightly shifted detail. Along with a simple snow-white shift dress, she wore a matching short jacket of the same material that featured densely lined decorative buttons. She wore an oversized blue ring from her jewelry and casually gathered her hair into a low bun while remaining faithful to her favorite voluminous hairstyle.

She rounded off the styling with dizzyingly high heels in the same color with an effective detail - a pointed silver cap. The French first lady has been faithful to these shoes for some time, and like most of her wardrobes, they bear the signature of the luxury Parisian fashion house Louis Vuitton. The model called Urban Twist is also available in black.

Louis Vuitton has been her favorite brand since she became France's first lady, and although she has worn creations from other French fashion houses, including Balmain and Alexandre Vauthier, none has been as strongly represented in her public wardrobe as Louis Vuitton. She wore it on some of her most impressive public appearances, and in those moments she was not only a representative of herself or her husband but of the whole of France. She wore it during Macron's inauguration in 2017, and the choice for the same brand fell during the celebration of the day of the fall of the Bastille - for four years in a row, as well as at the announcement of the election victory a few days ago.