Brimstone: A Dark and Intense Western Thriller

Brimstone is a 2016 Western thriller directed by Martin Koolhoven and starring Dakota Fanning, Kit Harington, and Guy Pearce. Set in the late 19th century, the movie tells the story of a mute midwife named Liz who is pursued by a vengeful preacher across the American frontier. In this article, we will explore what makes Brimstone such a unique and intense movie, and why it stands out in the crowded Western genre.

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Brimstone: A Dark and Intense Western Thriller

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Plot Summary:

Brimstone is divided into four chapters, each of which is named after a different part of the Bible. The first chapter introduces us to Liz, a midwife in a small frontier town. She is married to a kind man named Eli and has a young daughter. However, her peaceful life is disrupted when a new preacher, played by Guy Pearce, arrives in town. Liz recognizes him as someone from her past, and we soon learn that he is determined to exact revenge on her for a crime she committed years ago.

As Liz tries to evade the preacher, she is forced to confront her past and the dark secrets she has been hiding. Along the way, she forms a bond with a young outlaw named Samuel, played by Kit Harington, who helps her navigate the dangerous frontier. The tension builds as Liz and Samuel try to outrun the preacher, culminating in a violent and intense climax.


The characters in Brimstone are complex and well-written, with each one having a distinct personality and motivation. Dakota Fanning's portrayal of Liz is excellent, as she brings a level of vulnerability and strength to the character. Kit Harington's Samuel is also noteworthy, as he brings a level of charm and charisma to the role. However, the standout performance comes from Guy Pearce, who gives a chilling and intense performance as the vengeful preacher.


Brimstone is a visually stunning movie, with gorgeous cinematography that captures the beauty and brutality of the American frontier. The use of natural lighting and wide shots creates a sense of epic scope, while the close-ups and tight framing add to the intensity of the story. The movie also features some brutal and graphic violence, which is portrayed in a realistic and impactful way.


The soundtrack of Brimstone is haunting and atmospheric, perfectly capturing the mood and tone of the movie. The score, composed by Tom Holkenborg, features eerie and unsettling music that adds to the suspense of the story. The use of sound effects, such as the sound of a match being struck, is also effective in creating a sense of unease.


Brimstone is a movie that explores dark and heavy themes, such as abuse, misogyny, and revenge. The movie does not shy away from portraying the brutal realities of life on the frontier, and it does so in a way that is both impactful and thought-provoking. The movie also explores the power dynamics between men and women, and how women were often subjected to abuse and violence in a male-dominated society.


Brimstone is a movie that has received critical acclaim for its unique and intense take on the Western genre. Its exploration of dark themes and complex characters has made it a favorite among fans of the genre, and it has influenced other movies and TV shows that explore similar themes. The movie's realistic portrayal of the American frontier has also made it a valuable tool for historians and scholars who study the period.

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In conclusion, Brimstone is a must-watch movie for fans of Westerns and thrillers. Its well-written characters, stunning visuals, and haunting soundtrack make it a unique and intense movie that stands out in the crowded genre.