Britney Spears announces a new song!

Britney announces new song: 'I remind my' posh 'family that I haven't forgotten what they did to me'.

Britney Spears announces a new song!

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Britney Spears, after regaining her freedom, in one of the last posts on Instagram with an army of her fans shared a video in which she reminded the world of her exceptional vocal abilities but also used the opportunity for another showdown with her family. In addition, she hinted that she is working on new music materials, although the 40-year-old star has previously said she doubts she will ever perform again.

Still, the footage of her singing in the bathroom dressed in a provocative pale pink top speaks in favor of her changing her mind. In addition, she emphasized that she is now "her own fan".

In the post accompanying the video, Britney wrote: "People, I just realized today! After what my family did to me three years ago I have to be my own cheerleader !!! God knows they weren't ."

After that, she presented a few facts about her own impressive career, such as the fact that she sold 33.6 million albums in the United States alone, and almost 100 million worldwide.

After that, she continued: "No, I'm not preparing an audition for anything! I remind myself and the world who I really am !!! Yes, I'll be my own cheerleader. Why? I'm here to remind my white" posh " family that I have not forgotten what they did to me, nor will I ever forget! Pssst, a new song is emerging.I will reveal to you what I meant ".

 Her fiancé Sam Asghari also commented on her post very quickly, giving her support with the words: "I love this very much". Also, many fans expressed their enthusiasm, emphasizing how much they are looking forward to her new songs.

Either way, Britney most likely referred to the fact that her family put her back into rehab in 2019. This only continued the famous singer's accusations against her family, which are quite common after she finally managed to get rid of custody after a long 13 years. That liberation happened last month.

Last week, she claimed that her father and former manager forced her to give an interview to Diane Sawyer, during which she broke down on television. She wrote a lengthy post about the whole event that took place in 2003, which she later deleted. However, she revealed on social media that she was in a very vulnerable period and did not want to give an interview, but the former management team, she said, brought Sawyer to her home and "forced her to speak for national television".

She characterized Diane Sawyer’s approach as “completely guilty” and commented on how it brought her to the brink and to break down in tears during the interview, all of which took place shortly after her breakup with Justin Timberlake.

Recall, Britney blamed Lynne for establishing conservatorship which denied her control over her own life for 13 years. Her father Jamie Spears held the position of her conservator and controlled her privacy and financial affairs. However, the singer wrote that custody was actually Lynn’s idea. Britney also said that her mother “secretly” ruined her life, adding You know exactly what you did…my dad is not smart enough to ever think of a conservatorship…but tonight I will smile knowing I have a new life ahead of me!