Daniel Craig donated £10,000 to three fathers whose daughters committed suicide

Andy Airey, Mike Palmer, and Tim Owen are unfortunately connected by the same fate - all three have lost their daughters who committed suicide in the previous three years. Daniel Craig will also help them on a mission to raise awareness about suicide prevention.

Oct 10, 2021 - 04:52
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Daniel Craig donated £10,000 to three fathers whose daughters committed suicide

The three fathers want to help the national charity organization for suicide prevention, Papyrus, and go on a 483-kilometer walk.

They started the "Three Dads Walking" trek yesterday and will move between their homes in Cumbria, Greater Manchester, and Norfolk, and they plan to cover an average of 32 kilometers a day and finish the walk in 15 days.

The fathers described Daniel Craig's donation of 10,000 pounds as fantastic, and Andy Airey said that they were glad that the actor even allowed them to publish it.

"Allowing us to shout about it is fantastic news, especially as he's just about the most famous film actor in the world at the moment, isn't he?" he said for the Guardian.

Airey emphasized that raising awareness about suicide prevention is a key mission behind this challenge.

"The key thing is to get people to talk about suicide prevention and to introduce them to Papyrus because it is an organization that can help young people face the darkest ages in their lives. The more people know about Papyrus, the better chance we have of saving human lives,” he said.

By: Helen B.