Did you watch the British adaptation of the novel "Howards End"?

This is the story of two independent and free-spirited sisters, about their search for love and the meaning of life.

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Did you watch the British adaptation of the novel "Howards End"?

This is the story of two independent, free-spirited sisters and the men in their lives and their search for love but also about the meaning of life in a world that is constantly changing. The British-American TV drama was based on EM Forster's novel of the same name from 1910, and the adaptation was written by Kenneth Lonergan .

Set in Edwardian England, "Howards End" features three very diverse families from vastly different social classes interacting and meeting through chance encounters. The Basts, Schlegels and Wilcoxes all find their lives intertwined in this BBC period drama. Namely, the "Howards End"  explores the changing landscape of social and class departments in turn-of-the-century England through the prism of three families: the intellectual and idealistic Schlegels, the wealthy Wilcoxes from the world of business and the working-class Basts. Playground is executive producing in association with City Entertainment and KippSter Entertainment.

What can we expect?

In the first episode, a misunderstanding, a surprise visit, and a stolen umbrella set off a series of events that unexpectedly intertwine the lives of the Schlegels, Wilcoxes, and Basts.
After meeting the Wilcoxes while traveling in Europe, Helen Schlegel visits them in Howards End. There, the engagement between Helen and Paul Wilcox soon ends when the wealthy Wilcoxes conclude that the Schlegels - Helen, her older sister Margaret, and brother Tibby - are unreliable and idealistic. The Schlegels meet Leonard Bast, a clerk from the lower class, who piques their interest. While the rest of the Wilcox family is away, Margaret befriends Mrs. Wilcox.

In the "Howards End" series we can see Hayley Atwell (Margaret Schlegel), Matthew Macfadyen (Henry Wilcox), Philippa Coulthard (Helen Schlegel), Joseph Quinn, Joe Bannister, Rosalind Eleazar, Alex Lawther, Bessie Carter, Jonah Hauer-King.

 “Howards End” is a story about improvement, not nostalgia. But despite the considered and sumptuous locations, costuming, and period details, this is a miniseries that makes one look back to the 1992 film.

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