Did you watch the thriller series " River"?

The daring and unexpected crime thriller series you shouldn't miss.

Dec 14, 2023 - 15:15
Dec 15, 2023 - 04:40
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Did you watch the thriller series " River"?

The fascinating thriller "John River: Between the Living and the Dead" by series creator and screenwriter Abi Morgan, winner of the Emmy and BAFTA awards, pushes our boundaries of what we expect from crime series in bold and unexpected ways. Aimless in a London full of other exiled souls, River's isolation helps him connect with the victims who end up in his world and see the truth in ways that both attract and make his colleagues suspicious.

Stellan Skarsgård stars as John River, an extraordinary police inspector whose genius and greatest flaw lie in the fragility of his mind — a man haunted by murder victims whose secrets he must uncover, a man who walks a fine line between a pathology so extreme it threatens permanent dismissal and sanity mind that could cure him of his gift.

Nicola Walker plays River's colleague and confidante, Investigating Sergeant Jackie Stevenson aka Stevie, Adeel Akhtar plays Investigating Sergeant Ira King, and Lesley Manville is their boss, Senior Inspector Chrissie Reid. Eddie Marsan also appears as a notorious killer who challenges and torments Rivero.

In the first episode, John River, a respected police inspector, is pursued by victims whose secrets he must uncover. He has a hard time dealing with the loss of a close colleague and hunts a potential suspect across London, which ends tragically. Fragile state of mind, he is under a lot of pressure, both from journalists and within the police, and more and more people are asking to fire him. During this time, the mother of the murdered teenager is increasingly desperate — her daughter's boyfriend confessed, the body is missing, and the mother blames River for his unfulfilled promise to find her daughter. This is only a part of what awaits you. We suggest you watch it and we are sure you won't regret it!

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