Douglas and Catherine Zeta's marital problems

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have been married since 2000 and have two children. They almost divorced in 2013 after the actor made shameful accusations.

Douglas and Catherine Zeta's marital problems

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Catherine Zeta-Jones is married to Michael Douglas, since 2000, and they don't share photos of their children very often. The couple has a son, Dylan, 21, and a daughter, Carys, 18, with whom they enjoy Portsmouth, Dominican Republic. Michael posed with the kids in the jungle near the waterfall.

‘Good morning,' the actor wrote in the description, revealing that his wife Catherine is not in the photo because she is behind the lens. The announcement delighted his Douglas friends and fans.'I know you're proud of the kids, and you should be', 'Three beautiful smiles',' Nice family photo ',' You're in luck! Family is everything ', are just some of the comments below.

By the way, it wasn't all fabulous in Catherine and Michael's 22-year marriage. The American media found out in 2013 that the couple lived separately and that they were considering a divorce, but they reconciled that same year. Douglas later said he was happy to have Zeta-Jones as his wife.

"Over the years I’ve only learned, you know, to respect and appreciate. And part of that is aging because you have limited time left and you can do it the best you can, " he said. He added that it is tempting to spend much more time with your wife than with any other person. "I try to be as attentive as possible to her who is closest to me instead of wasting time with people I barely know,".

By the way, his wife was with Michael when he was battling throat cancer, which he only talked about later. The actor said in 2015 that he was sorry for his statements regarding cancer that he made in an interview with The Guardian. The double Oscar winner then said that his illness may have been caused by providing oral sex, which he blamed on his wife. 

"It was one of those reckless things and I regretted the embarrassment I caused to Catherine and her family," he said.

His statement was allegedly the trigger for the divorce conversation initiated by Zeta-Jones.

The couple also had a hard time because of the actress' type II bipolar disorder. She had major depressive episodes alternating with hypomanic episodes. Depression manifests itself with greater intensity than mania. During an attack of hypomania, the mood improves, the need for sleep decreases, and psychomotor activity accelerates. Because of that, she used to stay in a psychiatric clinic and get away from work and anything that would cause her any kind of stress.