Everyone going to see the new Spider-Man

The American sites that offer tickets for the new sequel to Spiderman did not withstand the pressure, so not everyone was able to get the much-desired ticket

Nov 30, 2021 - 04:43
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Everyone going to see the new Spider-Man

A new sequel to the Spiderman movie is coming to theaters, and there don’t seem to be enough tickets for ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ for everyone. The film premieres on December 17, and many fans on social media complain that the ticket-buying sites didn’t work properly.

Big pre-pandemic films like ‘Avengers: The Endgame’ from 2019 and new films ‘Star Wars’ in the last decade have also overwhelmed cinema pages when tickets were first released - and still broke records at the box office.

The production of the new Spiderman hopes ‘No Way Home’ can do the same.

And given the current hype surrounding the whole production, we have no doubts that people will rush to the movie theaters to see the long-expected sequel.

It is rumored that some of Spider-Man’s previous actors, Tobey Maguire  (46) and Andrew Garfield  (38) could join current star Tom Holland  (25) in the new film.

People have been raging about this information, and recently a person even analyzed the trailer to the smallest details. Allegedly, during a fight scene in which Sandman and lizard are jumping off the buildings, in a moment so brief that you can barely see it, lizard gets punched by an invisible guest. Now if we were to guess, we would say that certain someone was edited out!

The plot of the film revolves around Holland who plays Peter Parker trying to erase reality with the help of Dr. Strange after Parker’s secret identity is revealed. This allows some former villains to appear, such as Alfred Moline's Doctor Octopus - so it's possible that some of the previous stars will as well.