Fran Drescher shares her experience with cancer

Fran Drescher became famous as Nanny Fine in the comedy series of the same name, which was a hit in the 90s of the last century.

Mar 30, 2022 - 08:41
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Fran Drescher shares her experience with cancer

Fran Drescher became famous as Nanny Fine in the comedy series of the same name, which was a hit in the 90s of the last century. This actress with a recognizable voice (which, among other things, contributed to her popularity), which shocked the public by admitting that she was raped, as well as in a brawl with a homosexual, spoke about a topic that is far from funny.

In 2000, Drescher was diagnosed with uterine cancer, a serious disease that affects over 65,000 women each year. Since then, she has dedicated herself to promoting healthy living and prevention, writing a book about her fight against cancer, and founding a non-profit organization that works to save lives through prevention and early detection.

About her experience and the first signs of a vicious disease, Drescher says she knew something was wrong when she noticed there was minor bleeding between cycles.

In 2018, the actress noticed a surprising symptom - mild bleeding in the form of small spots between menstruations. She consulted with her doctor, who misdiagnosed her with a perimenopausal condition that requires hormone replacement therapy.

HRT treatment worsened her symptoms, prompting her to seek a second opinion. In June 2000, after an endometrial biopsy, she was diagnosed with stage I uterine cancer.

Initially, Drescher kept her diagnosis a secret, but it didn't last long. The tabloids have exposed her.

The actress then wrote a bestseller called "Cancer Schmancer" and founded a non-profit organization of the same name. The organization has a threefold approach to patient advocacy: prevention, early detection, and lifestyle change. She said that when you are a celebrity, it’s your responsibility to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Fran shared her story on the organization’s website. She also mentioned how she was first diagnosed with a perimenopausal condition. The doctors admitted she was too young so they didn’t think it was anything so serious.

The actress underwent a complete hysterectomy to make sure that the cancer was removed, which is why her right to offspring was revoked at the age of 42.

She said everyone should educate themselves because in case you have to deal with something similar, you’ll be scared but you’ll know better how to make the right decision.