Georgina's first appearance after tragedy!

Georgina Rodriguez reported for the first time since her son's death.

Georgina's first appearance after tragedy!

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Georgina Rodriguez and her partner Cristiano Ronaldo are currently experiencing each parent’s biggest nightmare after one of their two newborn babies passed away. And while Cristiano spoke shortly after the news that they had lost their newborn son traveled the world, by posting a family photo, the first with their newborn daughter, and thanking everyone who supported them, Georgina did not appear in public or respond to social networks - until now.

Her first announcement after the tragic loss was a tender tribute to her late son. The beautiful Georgina posted a photo of the moment Cristiano Ronaldo, in the first game after the tragedy, dedicated his 100th goal in the Premier League to the son they lost.

Ronaldo celebrated the goal only by raising his left hand with which he pointed towards the sky. Georgina added only a heart emoticon to this photo.

We remind you that only her close friend, Ivan Garcia, recently revealed how Georgina is feeling in these difficult times. He said that the past few days have been 'very complicated' for Georgina, but that Georgina is 'very strong' and she has friends and family around her to help her get through the tragedy. 'For her, this was a complicated week, which is normal,' he told the Spanish program Ya Son las 8.

He also commented on the photo published by Ronaldo: 'It is a very beautiful photo, but there is a lot of sadness in it. We were expecting two little people, but it didn't happen. '

Ivan added that Georgina has great support from people who love her.'Cristiano and Georgina are a very close couple. Georgina is very strong and she knows that we are all here for her. She knows that her circle of family and friends will help her. I hope we see her laughing again soon, 'he concluded.