Has the era of Jean Paul Gaultier come to an end?

The King of Fashion posted the inscription "The End" on his social networks 3 days ago, and we reveal to you what it is really about.

May 26, 2021 - 14:46
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Has the era of Jean Paul Gaultier come to an end?

The dramatic post on Gaultier's Instagram account caused fear among 2.8 million followers that it might be the last. To make things even more frustrating, the section on Instagram briefly stated "The End of the Era", and the profile photo was removed.

Namely, Jean Paul Gaultier announced his retirement in January last year, after 50 years of creating haute couture and prêt-à-porter, and named Chitose Abe as his successor. The future of the famous brand seemed certain until tonight when the "end" was suddenly marked. What is it really about?

Feel free to breathe - the Jean Paul Gaultier brand is not even close to the "end".

Two days after the famous announcement, the brand announced a "new era", with a mysterious video accompanied by the hashtag "FutureisCollective". It changes various logos of fashion houses such as Charlotte Vales, SSENSE, Palomo, and many others. The profile picture has been returned, as well as a biography that reads "Welcome to the new era of Jean Paul Gaultier."

Is it a matter of restarting their discontinued clothing or are large joint projects on the horizon? What all this means for the world of Jean Paul Gaultier - remains unknown. The end of the brand behind so many iconic models on the catwalk and the constant shifting of boundaries would mean a huge loss for all of us.

After Bottega Venetta withdrew from social media, shocking the fashion audience on social media seems to have become the marketing tactic of the year. Saturation with fashion content on digital platforms has led brands to use their networks as tabloids, with equally provocative slogans and campaigns. They have achieved a viral effect, but whether they will meet our expectations as well - remains to be seen when Chitose Abe presents its reimagining of the JPG brand this summer.

By: Nitza - Gossip Whispers