Intel prepares for the launch of Intel Arc A3

May 28, 2022 - 08:34
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Intel prepares for the launch of Intel Arc A3

Every day that passes makes it appear more impossible for Intel to unveil its first dedicated graphics for desktop, the Intel Arc A3 of the Alchemist generation, within the originally scheduled time frame of the second quarter of this year.

According to the current speculations, the launch will be postponed until the middle or end of summer, and even then, availability will be limited, as is the case today with laptops equipped with the first Intel Arc Mobile, which are only available in a portion of the Asian market.

The issue that would significantly delay the debut of the Intel Arc on the market would not be related to supply chain issues or deficiencies in the design or graphics components. According to these sources, the problem is in the software that controls the graphics.

A somewhat unusual challenge, but one that, in theory, has a better answer than the prior ones. And it is this that keeps us hoping for a surprise in the form of the Intel Arc A3 announcement in June.

The final indication that leans in this direction is a tweet from Momomo us, which shows a screenshot of the Intel website, which would have shown information about the Intel Arc A3 for a brief amount of time, heralding its arrival. After overcoming this misunderstanding, the element was withdrawn from the Intel website, confirming that its release was unintentional.

We can assume that the web publishing of the Intel Arc A3 was planned a long time ago, according to the original release timetable, and that the absence of control over the web caused it to be published when it was planned, as it was not postponed.

However, it is more likely that Intel anticipates the launch of the Intel Arc A3 and, as a result, is already preparing the web for its appearance on the market, which could imply that they are already closer to hitting the market.

Regardless, it is evident that Intel will not be able to postpone the release of its dedicated graphics for long.

Both NVIDIA and AMD have already done all of the work to present their future generations, the GeForce RTX 40 and Radeon RX 7000, respectively, and while Intel has managed to generate many expectations with its entry into this market, even if it is with the entry-level, which is what it is aiming for with the Intel Arc A3, or it can be a bit complicated in the short term.