Kanye paid tribute to Diddy!

Kanye West appeared at the BET Awards, under a mask.

Jun 28, 2022 - 17:04
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Kanye paid tribute to Diddy!

Kanye West appeared at the BET Awards, under a mask. He said that he appeared to pay tribute to his “brother,” the Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Sean “Diddy” Combs. Although he was completely disguised, it was immediately clear to everyone in the hall who was standing on stage as soon as he spoke. Namely, Kanye gave a rather bizarre speech in which he talked about love, Jesus, and a visit to the dentist, but he praised Sean Combs the most. During the speech, he said he decided to “get out of the shadow he retreated into,” just out of respect for Diddy.

'I took a little break. I decided I just wanted to declare myself legally dead for a year. No one missed me. I just want to be out of everything,' he said, adding, 'If Puff ( Diddy) ever needs us, we have to be there right away. That man went through and survived a lot. He broke through a lot of doors so we could be here where we are now. ' . Kanye continued and revealed that he loves Diddy. The funny thing is that he first talked about how he thought about Diddy while he was at the dentist under anesthesia.

He also mentioned his wife

However, the moment when he mentioned his ex-wife Kim attracted the most attention in Ye's speech. 'I ask Sean for advice every day. He is the inspiration for so many of my life choices and decisions. For choosing my wife. Thank you for that, ' he said. He finished his speech with words: 'In the name of Jesus'

His appearance surprised many because he withdrew from the public back in April. He abruptly canceled his performance at the Coachella Festival that month and he was also banned from performing at the Grammy Awards the same month. The reason for this ban was “online bullying” his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete.

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