Kate Middleton's fashion rules

Kate Middleton's fashion rules are the law for beautiful dressing that, according to stylists, every woman should apply.

Jul 4, 2022 - 08:49
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Kate Middleton's fashion rules

Every woman can learn a lot from Kate Middleton when it comes to fashion, and experts say she's not called the queen of style for nothing. From a young woman married to a prince, she became a real fashion icon, and her first rule is - a trendy uniform.

It is made up of certain sets of clothes that she wears all the time - she changes colors and materials. For Kate, for example, these are cocktail dresses for daytime occasions, always of a similar length - below the knee, structured to emphasize her beautiful figure. For evening outings, the duchess is always in elegant maxi dresses, and she doesn't have to think much about shoes and handbags. There are always 10-centimeter heels and a bag.

Kate Middleton's second rule is a monochromatic look. This does not necessarily mean one color from head to toe, but different shades of the same color are at play. 'Such a choice of clothes elongates the silhouette and makes it elegant and slim,' explains stylist Miranda Holder.

The third rule dictates that you wear beige shoes in most cases. Whether you're wearing a patterned dress, neutrals or bright colors, the 'powder' shade makes any shoe look appropriate and expensive. Also, the color of these shoes visually lengthens the legs.

Recall,Kate Middleton has access to all kinds of cosmetics and procedures, but the secret of her radiant and taut skin lies in an organic product still called natural Botox, although it has nothing to do with botulinum toxin which is mainly used to tighten the face. The Duchess swears in it and uses it for years. Interestingly, you’ve probably already seen this powerful ingredient on the labels of certain cosmetic products, but you didn’t know about its effectiveness. 

It is spilantol, which is actually a local anesthetic of plant origin. Its good side is that it can be used several times a day, and the effect is so strong that in almost an hour it can completely reduce wrinkles around the eyes. So, an instant face without wrinkles. On the other hand, regular application nourishes the face and reduces wrinkles and imperfections in the long run.

Post By: Vanessa F.