Meghan Markle like you've never seen before!

During a guest appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show, Meghan Markle participated in a hidden camera and had fun with the vendors in front of the studio.

Nov 19, 2021 - 05:22
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Meghan Markle like you've never seen before!

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle surprised the public by appearing on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show.

Ellen announced her new guest on Twitter, and Meghan talked on the show about her happy life in California with Prince Harry and their two children. The British media assessed her visit as another attempt to completely distance herself from the royal family, especially in the part with the hidden camera, in which she showed her crazy side.

While appearing on the show, Meghan came out of the studio to perform a skit with the vendors in the parking lot, and she had to follow the instructions Ellen was telling her through a hidden earphone in her ear.

To confirm that she could hear her, Meghan first had to touch her elbow and nose and do one squat, during which time one of the show’s producers approached the vendors to let them know that Meghan wanted to see what they were offering.

"I'm Meghan Markle's main assistant and she's here today and she just wants to shop normally. She wants you to treat her normally. Don't try to treat her differently, just be completely normal," the producer, who misrepresented himself, explained to the salespeople.

Meghan then approached the first salesman and started looking at the crystals at the booth, and Ellen ordered her to put one on her head and start moaning.

"I'll put this on my head," Meghan told the saleswoman as she picked up the crystal, then closed her eyes and added, "This is wonderful."

When she got to the next salesman, who was selling hot sauces, Meghan had to jump excitedly and inquire about the sauces along the way.

"Give Mommy a try. My boo loves hot sauces," Meghan told the saleswoman, and when he handed her the chips with the sauce, she started nibbling on it like a squirrel.

"This isn't spicy. Give me something really spicy, Mommy wants some heat," she said afterward. Ellen then asked Meghan to stuff the other chips with the sauce into her mouth and she started pretending to be very angry and sang about it along the way.

"Mommy needs milk," she shouted, then pulled a baby bottle of milk from her bag and began to drink, and the salesman could not hide his astonishment from his face.

Meghan continued with tics at the third stand, where she asked the saleswoman if "mommy" could try cookies, so she started eating them like a squirrel, and she decided to tell a joke, to which she then started laughing out loud. The saleswoman looked at her confused at the time.

Meghan then decided to show her how to entertain her children, so she pulled a hoop with cat ears out of her bag and started dancing like a cat and meowing.

The royal family is now certainly glad that Meghan and Harry no longer have titles because this kind of behavior is by no means according to their rules.

But after fooling around with vendors in front of the studio, Meghan also used the guest appearance on the show to push her proposal for paid maternity leave for all Americans, something she had advocated for before and why the British media advertised how she was trying to establish herself on the political scene.