Mike Tyson: 'He beat and sexually abused me'

Mike Tyson was raped as a child, and he only recently talked about it.

Mar 6, 2022 - 16:56
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Mike Tyson: 'He beat and sexually abused me'

One of the world’s most famous boxers, Mike Tyson, also known as Iron Mike, is considered as one of the most dangerous in his discipline. Since his appearance, he has been accompanied by a story that sows fear and trembling, so many were interested in why this is so and what happened to him, so he became 'cruel' in what he does. It seems that behind this is actually his sad story from his youth, that is, the rape that marked his life, which the fearless Mike decided to talk about only at the age of 55 in one of the interviews.

Mike made his way from the bottom to the top, then back to the bottom. What Mike went through in his five decades, five people would not live in their whole lives. And it all started in his early youth with events that left a deep, indelible mark on his psyche.

'I know an art called fighting, I know an art called war. That’s all I ever learned so they were afraid of me while I was in the ring. I was a destroyer. I was born for it. Now that those days are over, I feel empty. I have nothing. I'm more modest. That's why I'm crying. I'm crying because I'm not that person anymore. I miss that Tyson.' Mike once explained through tears in his podcast.

His father left him, and at 16 he lost his mother

His father left him while he was going to primary school, leaving his mother alone with three children. His life changed fundamentally when he lost his mother at the age of 16 and soon lost his sister.

'I've never seen a mother happy for me and for the things I do. She only knew me as a wild child running through the streets and coming home with new clothes she knew I hadn’t paid for. I never had a chance to talk to her. Professionally, it didn’t affect me. But it broke me personally and emotionally, ' said Mike.

He lived a life in which there was no room for error. Death lurked in cruel Brooklyn on every corner so survival was not an option - it was a way of life. At the age of 13, he has already been arrested 38 times for petty crimes. He had to choose what to do with his life and he chose boxing. Much is known about Mike Tyson’s life, but when Mike admitted that he had been raped as a teenager everyone was shocked.

He was raped as a teenager

'I was a boy. He was an older man. He beat and sexually abused me. I never saw him after that. I learned that it doesn't mean you're less of a man because it happened to you, ' said the boxer, after which the reporter asked him:' Did you tell anyone then? ' 'Why do we stick to this topic of abuse?' He replied, to which the reporter told him that the reason was the fact that he had never heard him talk about it before, and Mike replied: 'Well, I didn't tell anyone '

Mike then replied, ‘ I’m not embarrassed, it’s just something that happened. It didn't have a big impact on my life, 'Tyson said.

You may love him or hate him, but Tyson, whatever he was, has been through a lot in his life, going from top to bottom a few times, and at 55 he finally showed his biggest wound.