PHOTO: Nina Dobrev's lush cleavage!

Nina Dobrev overshadowed all the other beauties in Cannes when she appeared in a sexy slit dress that accentuated her lush cleavage.

May 28, 2022 - 12:05
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PHOTO: Nina Dobrev's lush cleavage!

Hollywood actress Nina Dobrev enchanted everyone with her appearance at the 28th amfAR gala held in Cannes as part of the film festival, where she appeared in one of her sexiest editions.

The 33-year-old actress, who became famous in the series "The Vampire Diaries", highlighted her hourglass figure in a tight-fitting dress with a large slit at the front, and the main focus was on her lush cleavage.

Nina arrived in Cannes accompanied by her boyfriend, professional snowboarder Shaun White, from whom she usually separates in rare moments. Rumors of their relationship began circulating in early 2020, and a source close to them confirmed that their love was immediately very serious

'Nina Dobrev and Shaun White's relationship is serious and very nice. They are both active, and fun, love to have fun, go on adventures together, and they can talk about anything and have deep conversations. Nina is a very open person, full of love, she loves Shaun very much and she is happy that he is a part of her life, ' a source told the Daily Mail at the time.

Recall, that this is not the first time that Nina left her fans shocked. We all remember when she posted a delicate photo on Instagram. On that photo, she posed with Julianne Hough and Milissa Sears. The girls were very relaxed, and they decided to show everyone their bare buttocks.

If you let your imagination run wild, everything will be clear to you. She wrote "Four Full Moons" in the description of her photo, but this time the picture speaks much more than the words.

Although Nina Dobrev decided to leave the series 'Vampire Diaries' in search of better and bigger roles, she allegedly had a small return in the finale of the seventh season this year, and the author of the series Julie Plec hopes that the actress will return for the grand finale.