PowerHAUS Master M6 and Studio S6

Apr 2, 2022 - 19:17
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PowerHAUS Master M6 and Studio S6

Chord Company Launches first Power Distributor

The term "power strip" does not do it justice. PowerHAUS, the manufacturer's name for Chord Company's Master M6 and Studio S6 power distribution units, can accomplish considerably more than ordinary or even high-quality power strips, according to the maker.

The PowerHAUS distributors were introduced by the British cable specialist Chord Company of Wiltshire. They are meant to represent an uncompromising blend of design knowledge, versatility in application, and high manufacturing quality. PowerHAUS's "HAUS" stands for "Hybrid Array Unfiltered Supply" and is offered in two quality grades: "Studio" and "Master."

According to the manufacturer, the power unit with 6 slots was created technically as well as optically in lengthy experiments that began in 2003. Various technologies known from the cable series served as the foundation for the development, but they were further refined with a focus on the requirements of mains distribution.

According to the Chord Company, both mains distribution blocks, PowerHAUS M6 and PowerHAUS S6, do not include active filters, switches, or any neon lights for power indication, as these could impair and/or degrade sound quality.

Their solid metal structure is also intended to reduce microphonics. Instead of employing star-shaped wiring, Chord Company's study discovered that three rigorously isolated and parallel solid copper bus bars, as well as consistent physical separation of the earth bar from the phase and neutral conductors, are expected to yield sonic advantages.

The flagship Master M6 is supposed to provide the finest overall performance and employs three hybrid MainsARAYs that are linked in tandem (NOT in series). There is a separate ground connector on each model.

The customer can select the main cable of his or her choice, and participating retailers* will provide thorough recommendations. The PowerHAUS S6 has a suggested retail price of $1,295* and the PowerHAUS M6 has a suggested retail price of $2,595*.

  • Hand-built in England by music and cinema lovers
  • Pure performance and reliability.
  • Free from non-essential and potentially noisy components
  • Created to meet our own demo room needs and now available for discerning users everywhere
  • Designed using the optimum materials and 40 years of hi-fi industry experience
  • Unique Chord Company ARAY technology minimizes HF and earth noise
  • Protection from RFI via heavily-shielded ARAY wiring
  • Robust aluminum casing and heavy-duty 16A power input
  • Conforms to all power safety regulations