Princess Caroline's scandalous marriage

Princess Caroline's marriage does not stop filling newspaper columns, and it has been speculated for years why she never divorced Prince Ernst.

Apr 4, 2022 - 15:30
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Princess Caroline's scandalous marriage

Princess Caroline of Monaco and her husband Prince Ernst August of Hanover are in marriage since 1999. They have a scandalous marriage and they are often main stars in tabloids. In marriage, they got a daughter Alexandra, and 10 years after standing in front of the altar, they began to live separately. Despite many incredible setbacks, Caroline of Monaco still didn't divorce her third husband.

The public has repeatedly speculated about the reasons why she never left him. Some claim that this is because the princess does not want to lose her titles. The German magazine Bunte writes that Caroline does not want to divorce Ernst because she does not want to have another failed marriage. Others say the reasons for staying in a bad marriage lie in her faith because the princess cannot ask for her marriage to be annulled for the second time in the Vatican.

Namely, this evil prince is not her first husband. Before him, she was married for two years to 17-year-older French businessman Philippe Junot, whom she divorced in 1980. Princess Carolina also asked the Vatican to annul her marriage to Philippe. She soon met Italian businessman Stefano Casiraghi with whom she had three children, Andrea, Charlotte and Pierre. After seven years of marriage, she became a widow when Stefan died in a motorboat accident.

Long after this tragedy, the princess was alone, and everyone was surprised when German Prince Ernst August of Hanover walked into her life. When they met, Ernst was married to her friend. He eventually divorced his wife because of Caroline who became Princess of Hanover and Duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg.

One of the hardest scandals that their marriage survived was when photos of Prince Ernst from the Christmas holidays in Thailand in the company of another woman were published 12 years ago. He was seen kissing her while the princess was in Switzerland with the children. The media then wrote that the prince was very close with a mysterious woman in Thailand. But after all, they stayed together.