Private 'spy drama' of attractive Bond girl: Secret police accused Ana de Armas brother ?!

Apart from staring in the latest 007 movie, the beautiful actress experienced something private that could also be characterized as a 'spy drama'.

Oct 8, 2021 - 14:20
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Private 'spy drama' of attractive Bond girl: Secret police accused Ana de Armas brother ?!

And while the latest James Bond film "No Time To Die" is expected to make a lot of money in cinemas (more than 100 million US dollars so far), the public interest in all the actors of this mega project has also grown, as expected. The focus is especially on the new Bond girl, the attractive 33-year-old Cuban Ana de Armas.

The young actress in the film "No Time To Die", plays Paloma, a CIA agent, who is dealing with bad guys in communist Cuba. But, as The Sun writes, the beautiful actress has been through a "spy drama" herself.

Namely, according to the British tabloid, Ana's older brother Javier Caso was questioned by the Cuban secret police, accusing him of being an American agent, as his sister is now in the film.

Of course, Caso is no agent, but obviously, the whole story was further emphasized by Ana's role, since the secret police turned on her brother because of her. It was suspected that the actress could use the public’s focus and speak openly against the Cuban regime.

Then, reportedly in November last year, Armas arrived on a private plane with her then-boyfriend, star Ben Affleck, to Cuba to bring medicine to her dying father Ramon. And Javier, who lives in New York, traveled with them in spite of everything, although everyone feared that they might arrest him now because he is a prominent member of the 27N dissident movement that is banned in Cuba.

"Javier told me that the airport was full of Cuban agents, which made the situation very tense. However, we believe that because he was in the company of his sister and Affleck, they did nothing " said actress Lynn Cruz.

Ramon, however, was not helped by the medication his children had brought him, clutching at the last straw of salvation. He passed away shortly after their visit, losing a battle with prostate cancer. He was only 60 years old, and only Ana came to the funeral because they probably didn't want to take any more risks.

By: Sarah R.