Rafael Nadal's wife pregnant with their first child

Rafael Nadal will finally become a father!

Jun 15, 2022 - 11:04
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Rafael Nadal's wife pregnant with their first child

Rafa and his wife Maria Perello, with whom he has been together for 17 years, will soon become parents, and although the news was reported by numerous Spanish media, confirmation of "El Nino", as the famous tennis player is nicknamed, is now awaited.

By the way, it is interesting that the famous couple has known each other since early childhood, and they got married only in 2019, after a decade and a half of their relationship. For all these years, many have wondered why they do not have children, which has been the eternal topic of the Spanish media.

"Honestly, I always thought we would have children when I finished my career. I thought my career would last until I was 30, but it turned out to be much longer than that," Nadal said in one show, although many still thought that the problem was infertility due to all the supplements that the tennis player uses.

When it comes to Maria, the beautiful brunette has been very discreet all these years, so despite being her husband's biggest support in every way, she is often not physically present in the stands while Nadal plays some of the decisive matches. For the needs of Nadal's biography "Rafa", she explained why this is so. “He needs space when he competes, and the very idea of ​​waiting for him all day to finish what he needs and walking around makes me tired. It would suffocate me. He would have to take care of me ... Just not. If I follow him everywhere I think there is a risk that we will stop agreeing," she said.

In the same interview, Maria also pointed out why they try so hard to keep their relationship to themselves: "Even when my family asks me about him, I don't say much. The fact is, I just don't feel comfortable talking about my personal life. And Rafael is the same. We wouldn't want it to ever be any different."

Nadal is no more talkative than her, and he only referred to their relationship on several occasions, answering the question of whether he plans to be a father one day. "I would like to have children: boys, girls ... I love children and I am a family man. I am not sure that the ideal moment is to have them, while I am constantly traveling. My sports life should determine that", he emphasized in 2017.

However, last year he finally spoke about everything, so in the Spanish show, he revealed to the audience some interesting details about his wife. "I've known her since I was little. Her name is Maria Francisco, but I call her Mary. I only call her Maria Francisco when we argue. But we never argue. She is very calm," Nadal said, explaining that "locking up" because of the pandemic was easier for her than for him since she had her hands full working in their foundation.

By the way, this modest Spaniard is two years younger than Nadal, and she graduated in management and insurance studies. She used to work in an insurance company, and today she is a business partner to her fiancé - she works as the director of his humanitarian organization. Now, as things stand, they are finally ready to become parents.