She's beaten cancer twice and we all remember her for her powerful voice: Anastacia still rocks at 52

She was a big star in the nineties, and then she retired due to illness. Singer Anastacia has changed her look and everyone is thrilled.

Sep 10, 2021 - 14:16
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She's beaten cancer twice and we all remember her for her powerful voice: Anastacia still rocks at 52

Ansastacia, the singer who was also named "little lady with a big voice" in the media, walked the red carpet at this year's 78th Venice Film Festival and she left everyone breathless.

When she appeared on the music scene in the late 1990s, this blonde singer, only 157 cm tall, stood out with her powerful vocals, provocative styling, and energetic songs.

She retired from the music business at the peak of her career in 2003 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After three years of struggle, she overpowered a vicious disease, at least for a while. At the beginning of 2013, she was forced to cancel her European tour - cancer returned.

This time the fight lasted shorter and Anastacia beat it again. Fearing that it might return again, for the third time, the blonde singer decided to take radical measures - she had a double mastectomy, that is, she removed both of her breasts. Although she returned to music, we have rarely seen her in public. The sunglasses, her trademark, were completely discarded after the 2005 operation, and the energetic music diva turned into a gentle blonde.

Today, at the age of 53, Anastacia is nothing like that music star who wore leather pants, shorts and encouraged women to move on after break-ups in her songs. And the photos from Venice prove it.

The singer walked the carpet in a beautiful, feminine gawn and delighted not only fashion critics, but also visitors of the Festival. A simple hairstyle, hair gathered in a low tail and effective jewelry highlighted the beauty of this singer, who posed with the famous British actor Jonathan Reese Meyers at the premiere of the Italian film "Freaks Out".

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By: Helen B.