The 2nd season of " I Hate Christmas" arrived on Netflix!

A romantic series set in Italy is a real Christmas treat.

Dec 10, 2023 - 17:09
Dec 14, 2023 - 14:50
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The 2nd season of " I Hate Christmas" arrived on Netflix!

Christmas movies and series, although often have sentimental elements, still offer different perspectives and approaches to satisfy different tastes of viewers. Some focus on adventure, some on comedy, while others can combine different genres to create a unique story. Regardless of the style, these projects often convey a message about the importance of togetherness, friendship, and empathy, and the Christmas atmosphere often plays a key role in the development of the plot. However, there is always variety in these movies and series, which allows everyone to find something that suits their taste. This time, we especially liked the Italian series "I Hate Christmas", and its second season which has just arrived on Netflix.

What can we expect?

Why does 30-year-old Gianna (Pilar Fogliati) hate Christmas? Because she's the only member of her family who's single and childless, and it seems like every holiday season since she broke up with her ex three years ago, she's been questioned about when she'll get married and start having kids. Even her mother Marta subtly lets her know by sitting her between her twin brothers at the family table.

This lighthearted series is based on the wonderful idea of ​​discovering happiness and love. Because she is alone, the protagonist feels that her life is not ideal like that of her brothers or friends. She is so eager to fall in love that she ignores the flaws of others around her. The pressure that a family puts on a person to rise socially is perfectly portrayed in this series. In this case, despite Gianna being financially independent, she was criticized for being single her whole life. A slightly different story from the classic Christmas plot, but at the same time this is a drinkable, simple, and feel-good series. Just what we need for these holidays.


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