The final of the 4th season of 'Mayans'

If it is going to be the fifth season, many questions will have to be answered.

Jun 22, 2022 - 10:21
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The final of the 4th season of 'Mayans'

The final of the 4th season of the series "Mayans Bikers" (Mayans MC) was broadcast on Wednesday night, and of all the shocking moments that were delivered to viewers this season, none can be compared to the last conversation between Angel Reyes (Clayton Cardenas) and his younger brother Izzy (J. D. Pardo).

After Izzy staged a coup during the Temple ousted Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) from the position of club president and appointed himself as the leader, Angel confronted his brother because of his increasingly aggressive behavior. He asked his brother what was wrong with him and instead of answering, Izzy warned him: 'If you're not on this train, you better go now. Otherwise, they will run you over.' And yes, it was definitely a threat.

What Izzy doesn't know is that this "train" will derail very quickly. The last scene showed a person with a hood burning a warehouse full of heroin. On that heroin, Izzy decided to raise the future of his club.

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Fans of "Sons of Anarchy" were delighted with the return of Tea Trager (Kim Coates), while the "resurrection" of Isaac (or "the king of the mountain") was a shock in itself. All the more so because Meni, whom he burned alive in his crazy manner, has just started to grow in the hearts of the viewers. It seemed as if he would be a part of this series for a long time at the head of Juma. There is no doubt that the next season will definitely be complicated for all the characters. Is Izzy, who turned from a "scout" into a ruthless leader of the club, becoming the main villain of this series? Is this really a story about how a person with a good heart, once he enters the world of crime, can't help but become its personification?

How will Angel juggle between his brother's ambitions and the love he feels for his new family? How will Luisa / Adelita, who at the beginning of the story was a fiery fighter against the cartel, eager to save Mexico from their brutality, and now kill with her own hands for the new queen, Soledad, becoming the same monster as those who destroyed her childhood and family? Although FX has not yet confirmed that it will be filming next season, the creators of the series are largely preparing future stories.

When we asked if it was always planned to make this version of Izzy, one of them, Elgin James, answered in the affirmative.

'That was always my plan. We wanted to show the full dynamics of the human being. You think someone is something, and then you discover its dark sides. That's what we really wanted to do with Izzy and Angel. This is what they have always been. So, if you look at Izzy, Kurt and I started posting these things from the beginning. Like, 'Oh, this is how it should always have ended.' This was his destiny from the beginning,' James told. But in one thing he was clear. Izzy is not a monster. That's the thing, he doesn't turn into a monster. He does what needs to be done for the club, what no one else can do. Because everyone else is guided by their emotions, and private lives, their ego dictates actions. The club is a monster, and the monster needs to be fed.

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