The result: a hologram Christmas tree

LED strip, motor, a little dexterity, and creativity...

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The result: a hologram Christmas tree

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Youtuber Sean Hodgins created a visually very attractive, but also quite dangerous Christmas tree. For that, he didn't need too many expensive materials, but a quality idea and some electronics.

Everyone decorates their homes and Christmas trees in their own unique style, and the best and most imaginative ones add a piece of their personality into the process.

Sean Hodgins, a YouTuber, electronic engineer, and general creative maker, accomplished just that. His Christmas tree is a revolving triangular structure with an LED strip with addressable diodes on top.

Finally, he got an innovation that is both dangerous and interesting, and we got a film that is perfect for holiday entertaining.

Let's go over some specifics. Hodgins got the notion to make a holographic Christmas tree utilizing the POV (persistence-of-vision) method, sometimes known as an optical illusion.

When objects in our field of vision move too quickly, we appear to perceive a static image instead, which is what allows us to view this tree. The human eye has an average slowness of around 16Hz, which means that the objects, in this example the tree, must rotate quickly enough to generate the intended effect.

Hodgins built a metal frame, fitted it with a 0.5 HP electric motor, and attached an LED strip with individually programmable LEDs to one side of a triangle. As a result, he was able to spin the entire frame, program the LEDs, and create a conical LED screen.

Of course, he chose to show a green tree with bright decorations on it, but he also demonstrated his ability to create any shapes and visuals he desires.

In his video, which you can watch below, he explains the entire procedure, all of the hurdles, and the possible risks of the rotating tree.

Post by Bryan C.