The ups and downs of fashion icon Kate Moss!

She managed to dominate the fashion world with her face, although her career was marked by various scandals.

The ups and downs of fashion icon Kate Moss!

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Fashion icon and designer favorite, Kate Moss, had numerous scandals, ups and downs, but she is still the focus of world fashion. This beauty was born exactly 48 years ago in London's Croydon workers' district.

Our birthday girl, the fragile and skinny, was born as a fairly large baby. Her parents described her as a sweet, obedient, cuddly little girl who had only one lock of light red hair on her head.

"I said: Oh God, I gave birth to a red-haired girl! But soon everything changed" recalls her mother Linda. She worked as a boutique saleswoman, pub waitress, or hairdresser's assistant, while the model's father, Peter Edward, was employed by Pan Am.

When she was 13, her parents divorced. After the divorce, Kate starts behaving problematically.

"My parents allowed me literally everything. I smoked and drank in front of them when I was only 13 years old. That's when I started going out and I didn't come home until three in the morning" she once said about her puberty.

She didn't get along best with her two-year-younger brother Nick, and she called him spoiled. The court ruled that Kate lives with her mother and Nick with her father, but the future model never felt that her mother cared enough for her and she tried to make up for that shortcoming by fleeing into self-destruction. When she started high school, she began to show her rebellious line, her grades worsened, but she never missed classes.

"I went to school to hang out. I never did homework, and I only loved English and drama classes because I didn’t have to work for them. I was a rebel who didn’t think far ahead. I was just interested in making a provocation at school ." she explained.

Kate Moss was noticed by fashion agent Sarah Doukas as she was returning from a holiday in the Bahamas with her father.

" Modeling allowed her to escape from cruel reality, more precisely from a bad family situation. The breakup of her parents ’marriage had a strong impact on Kate. It’s hard for her to bond with anyone because as a young woman she witnessed her parents’ failed marriage. That is why she chooses destructive relationships " claims one of her close friends.

At the age of 14, she experienced her first teenage love with a peer from school. However, her first serious relationship was with three-year-older  Clark. She spent more than a year and a half with him. During that time, she began to record professional successes, but on the other hand, she had to cope with numerous pressures because fashion critics created complexes with comments that she was too short, awkward and that the distance between her front teeth was not nice at all.

All this did not bother Kate's future great friend and fashion magician  John Galliano, who soon hired her. The model didn't even have her mother's support. She was only interested when is Kate going to start bringing money into the house.

"She kept asking me when I would start making money, and I tried to explain to her how things work in the modeling business," said Kate, who later bought her mother an expensive villa and several cars, and helped her father to start his own business.

Kate was 20 when she met actor Johnny Depp and fell madly in love with him.

"Before I met Kate, I was never in love. I'm crazy about her!" said the actor. He is ten and a half years older than Kate. They were both quite unrestrained at the time, and their relationship came to an end after four years when Depp decided to leave her. The actor replaced the model with his French colleague Vanessa Paradise, while Kate sought solace in alcohol and drugs. 

A year later, in an interview with Dazed and Confused magazine, she admitted that she was still suffering for Depp, and it is interesting that she was interviewed by Jefferson Hack, who later became the father of her child. She had an exciting love life.

She started getting drunk again and entered into superficial relationships, including the one with the actor Daniel Craig. Still, her closest, as well as the general public, the model was most shocked by the relationship with five years younger, controversial rocker Pete Doherty. Their love lasted from 2004 to 2007, and during that time they were followed by scandals, drug and alcohol problems.

"I've met all her boyfriends, but I'll never know what she saw in Pete Doherty. As amazing as it sounds, I honestly think she is happy with him. " her good friend  David Tang said then.

Kate herself was aware that Pete was having a bad effect on her. In 2005, she also faced public scandals that earned her the infamous nickname Cocaine Kate. Photos of her snorting cocaine have been published, and it was rumored at the time that Doherty, who sold the photos to a tabloid for £ 105,000, is guilty of that. Kate lost all lucrative contracts shortly thereafter. She realized she had to change her habits and went to a rehab clinic in Arizona. After the treatment, she got many engagements and came out of this trouble much stronger.

Later, Kate left the fashion agency 'Storm', which discovered her when she was only 14 years old, in order to start her own modeling agency 'Kate Moss Agency'.