Tom Cruise broke up with Hayley

Tom Cruise broke up with a 20 years younger colleague, but this time it's not the sect's fault!

Jun 13, 2022 - 07:51
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Tom Cruise broke up with Hayley

One of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Tom Cruise is well known for his turbulent private life. He loved many Hollywood beauties such as Penelope Cruz and Cher, and he was married three times to colleagues: Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes.

His first wife, Mimi Rogers, reportedly introduced him to the world of Scientology, of which he is currently one of the most famous members. Over the years, the actor remained loyal to the religious community, and various stories have spread about the influence of Scientology on his (love) life.

Due to Scientology, he has separated from his ex-wife Nicole Kidman, and their adopted children Isabella and Connor no longer talk to their mother because of their Scientology affiliation. He also no longer sees his third wife Katie Holmes, nor their joint daughter Suri. It was also written that the leadership of the Church of Scientology organized auditions for girls because they wanted to choose the right one for Tom.

Although none of them confirmed the captions, much has been written about Tom being in a relationship with his 20-year-younger colleague from 'Mission Impossible 7' Hayley Atwell. According to sources they are together since 2020, when they became close during the filming of the film.

According to The Sun, the couple broke up briefly in September last year, after which a reconciliation followed, and now, they say, the final break-up has taken place. Although Hayley and Tom appeared at the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick in May this year, sources close to them revealed to The Sun that it was ‘purely for supporting’ the actor.

'Tom and Hayley's relationship was sincere. Despite rumors to the contrary, they were never together just in front of the camera. Unfortunately, they didn't succeed,' a source told The Sun.‘They got along great and have fantastic chemistry. But what worked behind closed doors didn’t work so well in public. They decided that they were doing better as friends', added an anonymous source who pointed out that they ended their relationship due to the popularity and attention they attracted as a couple.