Tom Holland liked an indecent post!

After criticism at his height, Tom Holland likes a post about how men of short stature have more sex and fans go crazy. Here are the details.

Dec 27, 2021 - 09:14
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Tom Holland liked an indecent post!

Conversations about the stature of Tom Holland, who is 5 feet 8 inches tall, were few and far between until it was revealed this summer that he began dating his Spider-Man co-star Zendaya, who is two inches taller than him.

It has since become such a frequent topic of conversation that the couple had to address their height difference in an appearance on the Graham Norton Show earlier this month. While on the show, the couple explained a scene they filmed in which they landed on a bridge but, due to Zendaya's 5-foot-10-inch height, her feet had to land first.

In the past, Holland has been open about the insecurities that stem from his short stature. In an interview with GQ, he revealed a trick he used to appear taller in photos. The actor revealed that he placed himself closer to the photographers than to the people behind him to appear taller.

The Spider-Man performer added that he eventually learned that he can't do anything about his height and everything indicates that he has found a great advantage in his short stature, which has driven his fans crazy.

Tom Holland drove everyone crazy after liking a post about how short men have more sex. His followers, who are always aware of his movements, discovered that the actor liked a post that lad Bible posted about sex on Instagram.

The post, shared Thursday, Dec. 23, featured an image of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito from the 1988 film 'Twins' along with a text that read, "According to science, men of short stature have more sex."

The moment was immortalized with a screenshot that was shared by the Instagram page CommentsByCelebs. "That Tom, our king of short stature," one fan commented. "I feel like Tom forgets he's famous,"someone else said. "Tom said, yes that's me," reads another comment.

Zendaya and Tom got engaged?

Zendaya was seen wearing a ring that has certainly driven all the fans crazy. Does the actress want to tell us anything?

Her followers have begun to fantasize and many have agreed that it could be an engagement ring of Tom Holland. How awesome would that be! What do you think? Many others have wanted to affirm that it is not the first time that the actress is seen with this yellow diamond on her fingers, and that it is a jewel that she bought herself.

The truth is that we are not sure at all, but it is true that it looks a lot like the ring she talked about in her interview with 'British Vogue': "This is my waste, I receive a small discount for employees," said the artist with a laugh, since she is an ambassador for the Bulgari brand. "It feels like it's going to be a relic, like one day I can give it to my grandchildren," the Spiderman: No Way Home actress continued.

Be that as it may, the ring is beautiful and has us crazy, but hopefully it was out of commitment, because it would already be the definitive proof that we needed. Meanwhile we only have to enjoy the new movie that has the couple starring in it, which we are sure we will love, because it is has been a huge success so far.