Trust presents the GXT 980 Redex

Mar 28, 2022 - 18:10
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Trust presents the GXT 980 Redex

A good mouse is vital for any gamer because it is one of the fundamental pillars of peripherals. Although we don't need ostentatious and huge mice to obtain the desired performance, as the new Trust GXT 980 Redex demonstrates, the latest addition to the brand that shocks us with a discrete device, high-level capabilities, and a price as competitive as our items.

As previously stated, the first thing that stands out about this mouse is certainly its simple and understated design, with a compact, rounded size and a weight of only 86 grams, making it light and ideal for long training sessions.

Although it does not sacrifice its gaming feel in the process, it does preserve a little addition of RGB lighting in its wheel and a small strip positioned in the lower rear section, easing the device's combination with the rest of the user's accessories and attaining full harmony in its configuration.

In terms of performance, this mouse is dedicated to exceptional control and precision, with an optical sensor that can be adjusted from 200 to 10,000 DPI, allowing it to adapt to any type of player or game. Furthermore, its cutting-edge technology ensures low latency both wired and wirelessly, allowing for a quick and prompt response from the player.

The GXT 980 Redex is ideal for gamers who want a high level of customization in their digital accessories, with up to six programmable buttons that allow you to build rapid shortcuts for any game, providing an environment that is completely tailored to the user. Furthermore, its Kailh mechanical switches provide exceptional durability, with a guarantee of up to 80 million clicks.

Thus, one of the most notable innovations of the GXT 980 Redex is the existence of an inbuilt battery, which provides up to 50 hours of continuous wireless gaming, which we can extend at any time by simply attaching the USB-C connection to its front section., loading the mouse without having to stop.

The Trust GXT 980 Redex mouse is currently available through the brand's official website.