Watch the trailer for the series 'Rise Of The Pink Ladies'

The series 'Rise Of The Pink Ladies', the prequel to 'Brilliant'...

Jan 15, 2023 - 16:27
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Watch the trailer for the series 'Rise Of The Pink Ladies'

The series will arrive on the Paramount+ channel in April 2023.

The series is set in 1954, four years before the events of the cult classic "Grease," and tells the founding tale of the girl gang Pink Ladies.

According to the premise, the series will follow four misfit students who band together to create a moral panic that will permanently impact Rydell High, thereby becoming the founders of the first high school gang known as the Pink Ladies.

Marisa Davila portrays Jane, Cheyenne Isabel Wells portrays Olivia, Ari Notartomaso portrays Cynthia, Tricia Fukuhara portrays Nancy, Shanel Bailey portrays Hazel, Madison Thompson portrays Susan, and Johnathan Nieves portrays Richie. Jason Schmidt, Maxwell Whittington-Cooper, and Jackie Hoffman as the sidekick round out the cast. McGee, Mr. Principal.

Rizzo and Frenchy in the original Pink Ladies were played by Stockard Channing and Didi Conn, respectively.

Trivia from original movie, the story of the "impossible" song...

The Bee Gees composed other songs for other well-known musicians, notably Frankie Valli's "Grease" from the film of the same name.

The producer invited Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees to write a song called "Grease" with an innovative idea concerning the meaning of the term "brilliant". Gib later disclosed that he offered the music to Vali for a specific reason.

In reality, After believing it was impossible, Barry Gibb wrote a song on genius. "Grease" started out as a Broadway musical. When it was adapted for the big screen, the directors inserted a new song called "Grease" for the opening titles. The origin of the song's composition began when "Grease" producer Roger Stigwood called Gibb.

- He asked me "if you would come up with a song called "Brilliant" - said Gib to Entertainment Weekly. - I said: "How do you write a song called "Grease"? I don't understand in which direction to even start. And Robert said, “Just Grease du-du-du-du-du, Grease du-du-du-du-du. So it wasn't very useful.

Gib figured out what to do though.

- I went to the pier and wandered around thinking: Well, brilliantine is symbolic of that period with the Greasers and all that - he revealed. - And that's really my time. My favorite time is the late 50s. And so it suddenly occurred to me to write about brilliant as a word, because that word represented time. That's how Grease became a word.

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