What's going on with Ben Affleck?

Jennifer Lopez's birthday celebration did not go very well.

Jul 25, 2022 - 19:02
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What's going on with Ben Affleck?

Everyone assumed that Ben Affleck would be jumping for joy because he managed (again)  to win the heart of the woman he had already lost once and for whom he suffered a lot, but his face gives quite the opposite impression. Although he contacted his newly married wife Jennifer Lopez immediately when it was known that she broke up with Alex Rodriguez, and they soon renewed their romance and recently got married, it seems that Ben is simply not happy.

Photos of Ben sleeping with his mouth open and his head thrown down during a romantic drive along the Seine River in Paris where they are spending their honeymoon have recently gone viral around the world. Even worse was the fact that Jennifer was smiling happily regardless.

And just when we thought he had gotten away with it, new photos arrived, this time taken in a restaurant in Paris. The singer celebrated her 53rd birthday this Sunday, and her husband took her out for lunch, but judging by his expression, he wasn't too happy. Jennifer was smiling a little, but it seems that his bad mood has spread to her, so she doesn't have a very happy expression in most of the photos.

As a reminder, Ben and Jennifer gave love a second chance almost 18 years after breaking off their engagement. The couple met back in 2001 on the set of the film 'Gigli', while Jennifer was still married to her second husband, dancer Chris Judd, but she did not wait long to publicly confirm her relationship with Ben. As soon as the divorce was finalized, Hollywood officially got another beautiful couple. " When I met him, I immediately thought that this was it, " the musical diva once said. It is never too late for true love and they are the best proof of that.

Post By: Vanessa F.