Will Smith had to vomit after orgasm

After the first broken heart, the actor turned to a large number of sexual partners, which in the end did not bring him pleasure

Nov 25, 2021 - 06:07
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Will Smith had to vomit after orgasm

Actor Will Smith, 53, did not heal his first broken heart by listening to sad songs, but with too much sex - and vomiting as a result. Will revealed a lot of private details in his memoirs, so he told how he tried to recover after he found out that his then-girlfriend Melanie had cheated on him.

- I needed some relief, and since there is no pill for a broken heart, I tried with an excessive amount of sexual intercourse - wrote Will, reports Page Six.

As he says, after the break-up he turned into a ‘hyena’, although such a way of life did not agree with his beliefs. He just thinks he has developed a psychosomatic vomiting reaction after ejaculation.

- Until then, I had only one sexual partner Melanie, and in the next few months I became a real 'ghetto hyena'.

He said that sometimes he would just get sick, and sometimes he would really vomit. Although he suffered from such reactions, Will continued to sleep with a crowd of women in hopes that it would heal his broken heart. 

- I hoped that some of them would be the 'ones' who would love me and because of which all the pain would disappear - he explains.

- In the end, I vomited alone and miserable. Looking into a woman's eyes would deepen my agony even more - he said honestly.

Smith married actress Sheree Zampino, 54, in 1992, but the couple divorced in 1995. After two years, the actor married his current wife Jada Pinkett Smith (50), with whom he has an open relationship.

- For four months we drank every day and made love several times a day. I started to wonder if this was a contest. Either way, as far as I was concerned, there were only two possibilities: I wanted to sexually satisfy this woman or die trying - concluded Will.

Smith has three children, a son Trey (29) with Shree and a son Jaden (23), and a daughter Willow (21) with Jada.