Williams sisters filmed a fashion editorial!

In a joint interview, Serena and Venus are presented as real fashionistas, and we are convinced that their photos in sexy bathing suits will be talked about for a long time!

Feb 25, 2022 - 03:36
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Williams sisters filmed a fashion editorial!

Exclusive clips of the glamorous editorial with Serena and Venus Williams are brought by the British Daily Mail, which called the photos of the sisters - divine. Tennis superstars in front of the lens of photographer Renell Medrano have changed several combinations, from gorgeous dresses to swimsuits, in which they are even on the cover. Serena posed in a creation by American designer Norma Kamali, while Venus wore a swimsuit by Sara Cristina.

While there is no doubt that the four-time Olympic winners are sexy in bathing suits, fashion connoisseurs are delighted with their fashion releases. To the Gucci dress, in which Serena posed, the Daily Mail dedicated a special status.

'We have to thank Serena and Venus Williams whose last shoot for Harper's Bazaar left us breathless! We can only say ... wow! Serena is irresistible in Gothic Gucci creation from their collection for spring/summer 2022. Perfect,' the British portal commented on sisters, noting that Serena’s dress is currently not available for purchase.

Tennis stole their childhood

In addition, to show their sexy and feminine side, the sisters opened their souls in a great interview and they talked about the childhood that tennis "stole" from them, their plans after retirement and about their coach and father Richard.

'Ever since I know for myself, all I've done in my life is tennis. The same goes for Serena. So I think freedom is surreal for us. We've never been free,' Venus told Harper's, with whom she also joked that she and Serena will be doing bodybuilding after their sports retirement.'Serena and I will become bodybuilders after tennis. I'm kidding, even though you never know,' said older sister Williams.

Talking about her plans, Serena announced that she will certainly continue to play tennis, perhaps as a coach, but she wants to continue also in fashion, which she took seriously a few years ago when she launched her own fashion line.

'I absolutely love to design. And I also love to transfer my knowledge so in the future I see myself as a tennis mentor,' Serena said.

Williams sisters also admitted that they are very pleased with the self-produced biographical film "King Richard" from 2021, in which their father Richard is played by Will Smith. Serena explained that their father is the opposite of the usual negative perception of parents-coaches of professional athletes.