A devastating space drama: "Stowaway"

Penna clearly had a knack for getting close to the audience and seducing the masses with his gigs, video montages and different content like this.

Jan 16, 2023 - 18:23
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A devastating space drama: "Stowaway"

Jônatas de Moura “Joe” Penna is a Brazilian director who made his name as a YouTuber. Although we often attribute a considerable number of negative connotations to this "occupation", Penna jumped out of the box right from the start. His channel under the name MysteryGuitarMan reached almost 3 million followers at the time of his greatest fame, thus becoming the most followed channel in Brazil. After several years of directing commercials, music videos and short films, he finally got an engagement on a feature film.

His debut, "Arctic", pleasantly surprised with a captivating presentation of a well-known story – a man trapped in an icy wasteland who is fighting for bare survival. Mads Mikkelsen, who is always up to the task, had a significant contribution to the quality of the film. Penne's next engagement was the "Stowaway" movie.

Three scientists Zoe (Anna Kendrick)Marina (Toni Collette) and David (Daniel Dae Kim) have been selected for a research mission to promote the settlement and terraforming of Mars. Marina is a seasoned captain while Zoe and David are superb and carefully selected experts in their fields. The fourth person they find inside the spacecraft in an unconscious state is Michael Adams (Shamier Anderson), an engineer who was in charge of maintaining the spacecraft while it was grounded. Due to the accident, he remained imprisoned behind the panel, where he was discovered by Marina after the launch. After the panic attack, Michael accepts his fate and wants to contribute to the mission with his efforts and he was determined to earn his place among the crew.

The problem arises after the crew realizes that the life support system with which the unconscious Michael was found is critically damaged. The emission of carbon dioxide begins to be dangerous, and part of the oxygen provided for the crew must be used to eliminate the harmful CO2. After that, they have enough oxygen left for two people until they reach Mars. David, a biologist who brought algae for research purposes, uses them to produce oxygen. That gives them enough oxygen for one more person on the way to Mars, but not all four. The dilemma the crew finds themselves in, reduced to statistical numbers, is the bulk of the rocket propulsion of this film.

The moral question that hangs like a guillotine over the heads of the characters will encourage every viewer to question a series of situations in which they have found themselves in life. What "Stowaway" makes very well aware of is the diversity of perceptions of each of the characters, and thus their characters, which inevitably confront each other. No one is exclusively positive, but neither are they negative, although we might feel that way from time to time. Someone is more empathetic, someone more pragmatic, someone has an additional motive to act in one way, and someone in another.


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