Adam Devine posted the first wedding photos

Rumors that the two stars got married in October turned out to be true and the groom revealed that he and Chloe got married in Mexico!

Dec 22, 2021 - 11:30
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Adam Devine posted the first wedding photos

Actor Adam DeVine confirmed by posting his first wedding photos on the social network Instagram that he and actress Chloe Bridgers really said a fatal ‘yes’. Rumors that the two stars got married in October turned out to be true, and DeVine revealed in a note next to the photos that the bride and groom had gone to Mexico for the wedding celebration.

Adam Devine, known for his role as Andy on Modern Familyhas walked down the aisle with his fiancee Chloe Bridges after two years of engagement. The restrictions by the Covid-19 have prevented the couple from being able to make the link official before.

After two months, the rumors were confirmed by the groom himself, who shared some wedding photos on the social network Instagram. The acting couple began dating in 2015 when they met on the set of The Final Girls and got engaged in October 2019.

"Were we crazy to try to plan a wedding during a global pandemic? Probably, yes, because many, many things went wrong, " explained the bride in an Instagram post, where she has also narrated that both fell ill with Covid.

Still, Bridges was optimistic: "We did the best we could and it's almost here and it looks like it's really going to work out!" According to Page Six, the couple married in October in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Chloe also posted on her socials a bit before the wedding:

"Ever since we met, I've known we have a special bond. (Well, first I liked his butt in his jeans, his way of always making me laugh, and the fact that he had his initials engraved on his backpack, which seemed very adult to me five years ago.) But I quickly learned that he was the kindest, funniest, and most amazing man I have ever met. And I will be even more proud when I become his wife. "

With a series of photographs in which she is seen wearing different wedding dresses, the actress then announced that in the coming weeks she would share more details of the marriage: "Consider this series of wedding dresses that I almost-chose-but-not as a warning that this account is going to be focused on the wedding in the next two weeks. "

DeVine's Workaholics co-star Erik Griffin was one of the first to share something on the marriage on Instagram, sharing a picture of the groom alongside other partners: " Devine is off the market! What an amazing wedding."

"We're married. How crazy, we got married in Mexico, and we all miraculously avoided the covid. I really love Chloe and I'm glad she's my wife," DeVine said of the photos he just now published, adding a description for each. And we are especially fond of those where the couple kissed during the ceremony and on which they dance, and the sky above them is illuminated by fireworks.

The couple, who met in 2005, got engaged in 2019 and have received congratulations from many of their friends who have been delighted that they have finally been able to walk down the aisle.