Amber Heard’s request for new trial rejected by judge

The trial of the decade, as many have called it, was closely followed for weeks around the world

Jul 14, 2022 - 07:36
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Amber Heard’s request for new trial rejected by judge

A court in Virginia rejected an appeal filed by Amber Heard's legal team, who sought to annul the trial she had with ex-husband Johnny Depp. Let's remind you that her lawyers asked for the trial to be annulled because one of the jurors was not who he was supposed to be. As stated, her appeal was rejected because it was not supported by "legitimate reasons".

Johnny's lawyers themselves have previously stated that there is no "legitimate basis" for his ex-wife's appeal to start a new trial in the multi-million dollar defamation case.

When it comes to the "wrong member of the jury", Heard's lawyers stated that instead of the man who was on the jury, juror number 15, who is 52 years old, a 77-year-old man should have been found. According to data from court documents, both jurors have the same first and last name.

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Recall that Depp sued his ex-wife because of the text from 2018, which she wrote for the "Washington Post". Describing her experiences, she claimed to have survived domestic violence. Although he was not named, Depp sued Amber for defamation, and in this case, he won. 

Although Depp was awarded $15 million -- $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages -- state law limits punitive damages to $350,000. 

Therefore, Johnny could get 10.35 million from Amber. However, since Amber also received compensation in the amount of two million dollars, when everything is added and subtracted, she should end up paying Johnny 8.35 million.

After a dramatic trial with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, from whom she eventually lost, and now after everything, as she says, "she has to pay him the money she doesn't have", Amber Heard may have to go to court once again - because of her dogs. Namely, she brought Pistol and Boo to Australia illegally during the now notorious marriage, and this country is still investigating accusations of perjury against the actress in the case that started in 2015.

Post by: Rinna James