Apple's first man took a $35 million pay cut

In an unusual move, Apple's CEO took a 40% wage cut for himself.

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Apple's first man took a $35 million pay cut

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In an unusual move, Apple CEO Tim Cook will earn 40% less in 2023, a shift he personally advocated. At the annual shareholder meeting, just 64% of members voted to keep the company's leaders on the same wage, a considerable decrease from the previous vote, when 64.9 percent voted.

Of course, this vote is not final, but was taken into account when deciding on salary for 2023, along with a request from Tim Cook himself "that his compensation be increased in accordance with the comments obtained".

Cook's revenue this year will be 49 million dollars, or 35 million dollars less than the previous year, according to the new decision. Which is still a massive sum.

Nonetheless, Cook's overall wealth is believed to be $1.7 billion, and he will earn more than the expected $49 million this year due to shares and bonuses. According to Bloomberg, his total earnings in 2022 will be 99.4 million dollars, which is 15.4 million more than the salary itself promised.

This rise in Cook's salary represents a shift in attitudes toward executive compensation, and the CEO might utilize his example to inspire his employees. After all, it's unusual for executives at his level to advocate for a wage cut.

iPhone 14 Pro: Apple is working on a solution for the display problem with horizontal lines

Customers' complaints about their iPhones are increasing.

When waking up or turning on the iPhone 14 Pro, horizontal lines may emerge. Many customers believe it is a hardware flaw in the iPhone 14 Pro. According to Macrumors, Apple has officially verified the issue in an internal document.

Apple is presently developing iOS 16.3. Although iOS 16.2.1 may still be launched in order to give a remedy as soon as feasible, the new operating system version will not be available to all users for several weeks.

When you push the power button to wake up the iPhone 14 Pro, horizontal lines of various colors show at unpredictable intervals. Some users were able to resolve the issue by resetting their smartphones to factory settings. Another option is to disable the always-on display option in the settings.

According to Apple Store workers, the display fault is caused by a software issue rather than a broken screen. There is no notch on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, but instead a Dynamic Island. This is how Apple defines a pill-shaped cutout for the front camera and Face ID sensors in its marketing. Furthermore, only the two Pro models have an always-on display.

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